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My name is Celso Bordoni, and I run the vacation apartments along with my wife Sandra. These apartments have always been in our family, and many generations of my family were born there, including myself, my father, and my grandfather. For many years the village of Groppo was isolated, as there was no road that reached it, and the nearest railway station was in Manarola (20 minutes on foot). For these reasons, in 1953, my family moved from Groppo to Manarola.





In the past, the ground floor of the apartments contained a wine cellar and a stall where sheep were kept. From the sheep we produced wool and cheese. My family also produced wine, which was made and stored in the wine cellar, and then sold in La Spezia.

With the arrival of a road to Groppo in the late 1970’s it was then possible to rennovate the apartments.
The apartments remained uninhabited until 2003, when I decided to rent them.

Like most of the locals of my generation, I wasn’t a farmer, but instead found work outside of the Cinque Terre. I received a degree in accounting and worked in varous cities all over Italy, until I was able to find work nearby in La Spezia.





I have been retired since 1999, and in addition to managing the rental apartments, I spend my spare time cultivating a small part of the fields belonging to my family.

From the fields I produce wine, olive oil, and various fruits and vegetables.

Groppo (Cinque Terre)
view from Groppo