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Our apartments are in the village of Groppo, which is located in the Cinque Terre, about 1 km. from Manarola.

Groppo can be reached by car, with the National Park bus (from Manarola) and by foot from Manarola (20 minutes).



Groppo is positioned at an altitute of about 150mt., in the hills above Manarola. The village sits on a small stream that runs to Manarola and then empties into the Mediterranean sea.

Groppo is surrounded by the terraced hillsides characteristc of the Cinque Terre. Large tracts of terraced land formerly cultivated with grapevines are now abandoned and covered with mediterranean shrubs and pines. Many terraces are still under cultivation with grapevines, olive trees and vegetable gardens.

From the apartments there is an expansive view of the terraces and the sea.

Groppo is a tranquil village with a population of roughly 40. The majority of its residents maintain the ancient agricultural traditions of the Cinque Terre and are among the major producers of grapes destined to become the famous Cinque Terre DOC white wine. The locals also produce wine in their own cellars for personal consumption.

Despite its tiny size, Groppo is the home of two of the most important agricultural operations in the Cinque Terre. One is the Cantina Sociale, an agricultural cooperative where Cinque Terre DOC wine and Sciachetra' are produced. The other is an oil-mill where only olives from the Cinque Terre are pressed for the production of extra virgin olive oil.

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